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On-site Green Screen, Step and Repeat Logo Wall, HeadShot Studio & Candid Photography for Corporate Marketing & Events. Our photo print/upload station needs just 18 inches x 24 inches of floor space

Onsite instant Photos, Unlimited onsite 5x7 prints & social media uploading at corporate trade events

Seamlessly weaving mobile messages & photos at your Brand Experience. We create incredible photography experiences with 30% larger 5" x 7" prints.

Maximize your trade booth's impact with a photographer who works the crowd and encourages them to get a photo taken and share it on social media!

Branded Instant Green Screen, Step & Repeat Logo Wall, Instant Candids, Celebrities with Fans or HeadShot Studio Photo Experiences

Trade show photo experiences - Onsite Green Screen Photos, Instant Candid Photos, Onsite Red Carpet Step and Repeat Logo Wall or Onsite HeadShot Studio Photos for Corporate Marketing Events - Photography. Branded instant Photos, Unlimited onsite 5x7 prints & social media uploading at trade events. Instant branded photography and instant social media photo sharing by your booth visitors.

Request a quote for onsite Hi-Resolution branded photo printing and images with multiple users simultaneously sharing (uploading) photos to social media thru our digital photo print/upload station. Contact us for your next corporate brand event or multi-city tour.

We Do Green Screen uses Hollywood Studio "live Action" lighting equipment and image techniques - for near 3D quality images that really POP.


For Trade Events & Expos

needs 1 - 3 sq. ft.of booth space! INSTANT SOCIAL MEDIA UPLOADING

Digital Data Collection: Email Addresses, Survey Results, Sharing Statistics & More

Images Posted To Social Media With your message
Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of everything in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.

Your Return On Investment (ROI)

    We can provide spreadsheets not only on the amount of photos taken, but also email addresses, photo reach and survey data collected, if you wish.

  • Onsite Photo Teams

    Our friendly photography professionals create the perfect amplified photo marketing campaign in any location, nationwide.

  • Branded Instant Photo Experience

    Photo Driven Social Amplification for Trade Events with your custom outgoing message. Visitors share "real-time" information from your brand's event with their social networks

  • Green Screen, Step and Repeat or Candid Photo Experiences

    Your visitors receive an onsite photo print and share "real-time" information from your brand's event with their social networks.

  • High Output Instant Print and Upload Stations

    All photo experiences include unlimited instantly print photos and social network upload touch screens. We are adept at keeping things moving fast and without delays.

  • Instant HeadShot Experience

    We offer a turnkey headshot booth experience providing unmatched ROI which allows delivery of images and data to the guest’s mobile device almost instantaneously, by email and text message for corporate branding, marketing events, conferences, trade shows and academic interfacing events.

  • Impact & Benefits

    Share your events and your culture:
    Branded photos instantly uploaded on Social Media sites
    Branded photos instantly uploaded to a custom designed branded micro website page

  • Social Media Amplification

    Visitors instantly upload to Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, Instagram postings, SMS phone texts and outgoing Emails increasing the reach exponentially, driving more traffic to your brand or to your website.

  • Event Analytics, Reach and ROI

    Comprehensive social reporting so you can quantify your return on investment.

Ultra-Compact Social Media Photo Kiosk Accommodates Simultaneous Uploading

If you are planning and need ideas for your next trade or social event in the any area, our compact photo booth system with branded instant photos, onsite prints with social media uploading at social and corporate events using step and repeat or greenscreen backgrounds is an ideal engagement of guest, visitors or attendees. Contact us for your next event by calling (800) 788-8368, or by emailing us!